Height: 5’08” / Weight: 155lbs

Hair: Blonde / Eyes: Blue

Jana Luker Agency 747-230-4258
Direct Contact:  818-635-1463


Fresh Off The Boat Co-Star ABC

(Full List Available Upon Request)

A Tricky Treat* Lead Flirt Films
Patricia Chica – Dir.
Insight Into The Enemy** Lead Light Dog /
Sketch Armstrong Prod.
Marc Leidy – Dir.
PsychoBable Lead – Bill Taub – Dir.
Making The Cut Lead Goalkeeper Films – Valerie Horwitz – Dir.
The Asylum Lead Garamelli Productions – Gary Weinberg – Dir.
WireBreaking Point Lead Straw Dog Productions – Norm Oldsted – Dir.
Bad Days Night Lead Foxmore Productions – Jim Fox – Dir.
NYPD Jew Co-Star Rosebud Productions
Aaron Langer – Dir.
The Sci-Fi Project Co-Star Hagan Entertainment
Ronny Hagan – Dir.

(Full List Available Upon Request)

Twist Your Dickens! Multiple Roles Center Theatre Group
Marc Warzecha – Dir.
Early and Often Johnny Verbena The Open Fist Theatre Company
Ron West – Dir.
Halo Nat Theatre 40
Bruce Gray – Dir.
The Only Song I Know Tommy Bitter Truth Theatre
Ernest Figueroa – Dir.
The Comedy of Errors Dromio The Company Rep
Hope Alexander – Dir.
Museum Bob Lamb The Globe Playhouse
Todd Feldstein – Dir.
A Christmas Carol Christmas Past The Company Rep
Hope Alexander – Dir.
The Tangled Web Dr. Arnaud Leon The Next Stage
Eyal Alony – Dir.
Ripper! Tumblety Masquer’s
Eyal Alony – Dir.

(Full List Available Upon Request)

21-A 8-character, 1-man show Western Stage Theater Co.
Jim McClean – Dir.
Roar of the Greasepaint Cocky Sacramento Theater Co.
Stephen Rothman – Dir.
Picnic Alan Western Stage Theater Co.
Tom Humphreys – Dir.
Twelfth Night Sebastian Western Stage Theater Co.
Jon Selover – Dir.
Pirates of Penzance Frederick Western Stage Theater Co.
Bob Waldo – Dir.
Noir Suspicions Renault, Rigfield Curry Productions
Tim Curry – Dir.
Pajama Game Max California Musical Theater
Mark S. Hoebee -Dir.
East of Eden Adam Western Stage Theater Co.
Tom Humphreys – Dir.
Dial M for Murder Max Garbeau’s Theater
John Higgins – Dir.

(Full List Available Upon Request)

Twistered! Sketch Comedy The Second City Theater
Marc Warzecha – Dir.
Second City This Week Sketch Comedy The Second City Theater
Ron West – Dir.
TMI Sketch Comedy The ACME Comedy Theater
Tim McGeery – Dir.
Go People Go! Sketch Comedy Comedy Central Stage
Marc Evan Jackson – Dir.
Comedy Cocktail Sketch Comedy Hollywood & Highland
Jay Leggett – Dir.
The Kuntz Family Hour Sketch Comedy Comedy Central Stage
Matt Clisbee – Dir.
Iraq, Paper, Scissors Sketch Comedy The Second City Theater
Jay Leggett – Dir.
Too Old For Sketch*** Sketch Comedy The Second City Theater
Jason Pardo – Dir.
IO PopCo Sketch Comedy IO West
George Caleodis – Dir.
For Play Improv The Second City Theater
Dave Razowsky – Dir.
Mayberry Live! Improv The Second City Theater
Todd Stashwick – Dir.


Improv – The Second City Conservatory (Graduate), IO West (Graduate), The Groundlings, – Los Angeles, CA
Scene Study – Hank Azaria/Joel Bishoff – Los Angeles, CA
On-Camera/Cold Reading – Cathy Reinking, Zora DeHorter – Los Angeles, CA
Sitcom – Sonia Nikore, Angela Terry – Los Angeles, CA
Commercial Workshop – Mick Dowd – Los Angeles, CA, Beau Bonneau – San Francisco, CA

Skills & Abilities

 Sketch Comedy Sketch Armstrong, Stephen Scott (, Improv (Second City – Graduate,  IO West – Graduate), Singing (Tenor), Guitar, (Electric and Acoustic), Bass (Electric), Dance (Tap), Dialects (New York, Chicago, Southern, Cockney, Standard British, French), Sports (Baseball, Basketball, Racquetball)
*    Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner Official Selection
**   Montreal Comedy Festival
*** Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival, Los Angeles Comedy Festival, Los Angeles Improv Comedy Festival